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Letter From the Artistic Director

Dear Friend, Parent, Patron: For the past 30 years - even during the onset of this pandemic year - 2020 ArtPartners/Tsehaya & Company has supported both new and established performing artists of our community and served juvenile youth through community arts programming as an intersection for creation, innovation of talents and skill development. So many of our artists/instructors have grieved and continued to let us know of their support for the youth in the distressful community of which we serve. In response to their heartfelt kindness and cherished commitment to maintaining Openly Distanced FREE dance classes, I want to say to Each and every one of them how deeply special YOU are. WHO AM I?

I am ArtPartners/Tsehaya & Company, Inc. So Are YOU!!! If you are aware of our activities…… If you support our efforts……. If you have danced with us……. If you have read about us, studied with us or enjoyed seeing us on Video…… If you have ever seen one of our Performances……… If you have ever taught at our studios………. If you have seen us via social media………. If you love dance/performing arts & youth opportunities demonstrating self-esteem….. If you have ever supported us via letters; donations; gifts; awards……… “YOU ARE” ArtPartners/Tsehaya & Company, Inc. With our BEST WISHES Always & Thanking You with Great Appreciation from

ArtPartners/Tsehaya & Co.

"Tsehaya” April 2021

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